usage: blobtools view    -i <BLOBDB> [-x <TAXRULE>] [--rank <TAXRANK>...] [--hits]
                            [--list <LIST>] [--out <OUT>] [--notable]
                            [--concoct] [--cov] [--experimental]

        --h --help                  show this
        -i, --input <BLOBDB>        BlobDB file (created with "blobtools create")
        -o, --out <OUT>             Output prefix
        -l, --list <LIST>           List of sequence names (file).
        -x, --taxrule <TAXRULE>     Taxrule used for computing taxonomy
                                    (supported: "bestsum", "bestsumorder")
                                    [default: bestsum]
        -r, --rank <TAXRANK>...     Taxonomic rank(s) at which output will be written.
                                    (supported: 'species', 'genus', 'family', 'order',
                                    'phylum', 'superkingdom', 'all') [default: phylum]
        -b, --hits                  Displays taxonomic hits from tax files
                                    that contributed to the taxonomy.
        --concoct                   Generate concoct files [default: False]
        --cov                       Generate cov files [default: False]
        --experimental              Experimental output [default: False]
        -n, --notable               Do not generate table view [default: False]